Mobile "app" not using Full screen

Aug 12, 2021

I have a project I built earlier in the year (around March) sized to fit most smartphones, so that it could function as a kind of phone app, once opened in our LMS. It is forced to Portrait mode.

When I open it and Preview under the Mobile view, it takes up the expected amount of space.

I started a new project this month, using that SL file as my base. When I go to Preview the Mobile view, it takes up only about 2/3s of the screen.

The settings between the two files are identical. I have attached screenshots of what I am seeing.

Story size for both are set at Custom W405 x H721. Built in SL360 v3.54

Playing with the sizing doesn't really help much either. When I change the height, it appears to be dynamically changing the width, making it skinnier, which is not what I want either.

Interestingly, if I open the March file, and add a new scene, and preview it, it also is sized incorrectly, and causes the rest of the project to be sized incorrectly.

Any thoughts on other settings I should look at?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kathy.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing the screenshots!

I initially set my project to the same size as yours (405x721px), and I had a similar result:

Windows 10 (1) 2021-08-12 at 3.05.40 PM

I went into the Player properties and saw the Menus & Controls option was set to On

Screen Recording 2021-08-12 at 03.05.17 PM

Once I changed it to Off, I was able to get the project to fill the screen correctly in the Mobile preview:

Windows 10 (1) 2021-08-12 at 3.04.44 PM

Let me know if that setting fixes things for you!