Moving and resizing a video in storyline


Is it possible to move and resize a video in storyline?

What i am trying to do is have a video of a tutor explaining something on screen. When the video gets to a set point I would like to shrink the video and move it into a corner so I can put a diagram etc on screen.

Is this something that can be done? If so, can someone give me an idea how to do it - i have found a trigger to move the video along  a motion path but not to resize





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Joseph Francis

What if you created 2 videos from the single video, the first being the full-sized narration which runs to the point where it will need to become the postage-stamp video, the second video is the postage-stamp video. In other words, Video #1's out-point is Video #2's in-point.

Fade out Video #1, fade in the diagram and Video #2, and skip the shrink effect altogether.