Moving captions


I am using captions to label and point to various pieces of equipment in my story.

Sometimes when I preview the screen I notice that the captions have moved slightly in the preview, but they still look fine in the work area.

But my main worry is that I have delivered a couple of projects to my client and they have sent me screen images where the captions have moved significantly and are not pointing to the labelled piece of equipment.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Background: I am working at 100% display. To save time, I duplicated several times a caption from previous screen (which did not relocate on its own) then edited the text within the captions and repointed them to their equipment. 

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Sylvia Drower

Further to the above, I published and looked at the output using chrome.  The captions that are moved out of place have been published with a different font, perhaps this is why the caption box is moving (along with the pointer).  I am using Articulate 11 for the caption font.

Another issue is my normal text boxes look great in development and preview but when published, the capital letters are very clunky, almost bold, I am using Articulate 12 for the text boxes.

Are there any known issues with these fonts?  

As I am doing a delivery tomorrow, the only solution I have at present is to offset the labels and their pointers to counter-balance the movement that occurs when published.  

Is anyone else having problems like this?

Becca Levan

Hi Sylvia,

I appreciate you describing what you're experiencing and providing screenshots. It sounds like you have a few issues going on, and we're here to help!

I want one of our support engineers to step in and help troubleshoot from here, so I've opened a case on your behalf. Could you share your file with the upload link I emailed to you? Then we will reach out shortly after with the next step!