Multi language graded quizzing with question banks

May 30, 2013

Dear, I created 3 projects/graded quiz with result slide in Dutch, French and English. Separately all working fine.

I need to combine these 3 projects in one, at the beginning the user chooses the language and at the end i need the score of 1 quiz in LMS. When creating the LMS package I only can select 1 result slide.  When I click the review button on one of the  result slides, I sometimes got the review of another language :(

Any chance I can fix this project? If not, i don't mind starting all over again.

Can someone please tell me how to start a multi-language quiz, with questions banks and result slide? Another idea?

Thank you for helping me out.


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Saike!

Just a quick thought here - why not create multiple courses, instead? So, for example, you could have the users select their language option before they even start the course and that could link to the course for that specific language. 

Now, I'm not sure if that's something you'd be able to do, or not. The main reason I thought this would be a good option is because you already have the sections set up. All you'd need to do with the courses is import them into their own files. 

So, for the English course, you could import the English slides into its own Storyline file. You could do the same with the French and the Dutch.

If you need information in importing from existing projects, check out the following tutorial:

Importing from Another Storyline Project

I hope this helps :) If not, I hope you're able to find something that works for you with this project.

Good luck and welcome again!

Saike K

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Dear Christine

With your explanation and somegoogeling, I think I found my solution. Still need to do some testing on oursystems, but looking good. Created a fourth result slide capturing the resultsfrom the other 3 result in a variable. Also had some problems with reviewing myquiz, but resolved.

Thank you so much for your quick answer,learned SL in just a few days, but still some learning to do.

Kind regards


Valentino Santana

I have the same issue.  I created another result slide that averages the result from all other result slides.  The problem is that the score % is divided by the number of result slides its pulling from, so if you score 100% on one of the branches, the end score will be 25% because there are 4 branches.

My LMS doesn't support multiple languages, so I'm stuck with an all-in-one solution.  I could change the passing score to 25%, but this score is displayed in the learner's dashboard and could generate a lot of push back.

Any help would be appreciated.

Chip Ritter

Hi Valentino,

I've been playing with this off and on all day after we spoke this morning. I have not been able to find a way to change the scores of the reported results slide so the score is more agreeable to the learner; even though, as an administrator, you would know what the passing score would be. I would recommend the following possibilities to help you get the results you need.

I hope that helps.

Valentino Santana

Hi Chip,

I found a workaround for the reporting issue.  As we discussed, my project has eight branches - one for each language.  Each branch has a five question quiz.  The passing score is 80%, or 4 out of 5.  The course is built so that the learner cannot proceed unless he/she passes the quiz.  If the learner scores < 80%, the results slide prompts the learner to retry the quiz.  I created a results slide averages the quiz results from ALL quizzes.  I call it a "convergence" result slide and set the passing score to 10% because the scores from any of the quizzes will be divided by 8.  But, I don't want the LMS to report that the user scored 10% when they actually scored 80%, so...  

I created a "Proxy" results slide that is part quiz, part results slide.  This is how it works:

1.  I inserted a quiz with the "pick one" format and directed all quizzes to jump to this slide.  The learner never sees the "convergence" results slide... it sits in a scene that the learner can't access.

2.  I disguised this "Proxy" quiz as a results slide by inserting the variable %results.scorePOINTS%% from the "convergence" results so that the point score (not actual %) is displayed.  This way, no matter how many branches I have, 20pts/question is constant and  4 out of 5 = 80,  and 5 out of 5 = 100.

3.  I created two "Continue" buttons for each language.  These are hidden and change to normal based on the results.scorepoints variable.  So when the var = 80, one of them appears and the other stays hidden, and vice versa when the var= 100.

4.  These "Continue" buttons are the answers to this "pick-one" quiz!  The "Continue" button that appears when the results.scorepoints = 80pts is worth 80 pts, and when results.scorepoints = 100, the "Continue" button that is worth 100pts appears.  That way, when the learner clicks "Continue" the quiz generates a score that is 80% or 100%, based indirectly on what they scored in the real learning assessment.  

5.  This "Proxy" slide has a layer for each language.  The base layer shows the "%results.scorepoints%%" var, and each language layer has the "Results", "Your Score"  and success / failure txt boxes triggered depending on the aforementioned variable.   The language layer shown depends on the branch the learner originally chose.

6.  I then created a final results slide that submits the "Proxy" quiz results as 80% or 100%.  This is the slide I use for tracking.  I disguised this slide as an exit slide with layers for each language.  The layer shown depends on a variable tied to the branch the learner chose.

phew!!! a gazillion triggers and variables later, we have a multi language course that reports the correct score to the LMS.  {champagne cork pop}.

I hope other members find this approach useful.


Chip Ritter

Hi Valentino,

That is fantastic! You were playing around with this idea when we talked on the phone and I think we both agreed it was probably the best option to get the results you needed. Even though you would know that a 20 or 25% would mean a passing score, it's hard to convince your end-users and bosses that that is the case so, again, nice work.

Not to complicate things, but Mike Enders was able to come up with a solution more along the line of what you originally wanted, though it would take a lot of set up work as well. So just for the sake of sharing, here's a link to what he came up with:

With the addition of this advice: "In this case of 4 languages, you do a number variable and set it to, say, 1,2,3,4 based upon the language chosen. Then use this to toggle the language states on the quiz."

I hope that helps.

Valentino Santana

Mike's idea is good - basically multiple language layers for each question.  The downside is that the amount of text varies per language, so the answer text boxes change sizes and won't line up with the radio button, and randomizing the answers would be difficult.  I randomize questions AND answers... yes our learners hate me.


I did a variation that uses a single quiz with varables that serve as content placeholders. Based on the language selected, the actual questions and answers are loaded from other variables. Upside = single quiz. Downside = lots of variables to manage but you can easily use MS Word or Excel to manage this.

Here is a screenr and the .story file.

Diana Myers

Hi All!

I may be a little late to this topic, but this exact issue came up today for one of theStoryline develolpers in our office.  I didn't know about this thread until after I came up with my solution, but I wanted to share it in case it helps someone else.


  • We have one course that includes two quizzes: one in English and the other in French.
  • The quizzes use separate question banks to display 5 questions
  • Learners have to correctly answer 4 of the 5 questions presented to them order to pass the quiz
  • Learners have to pass their respective quiz before they will receive credit for completing the course
  • We only needed to send a Pass/Incomplete status to the LMS - we didn't need to send a final score 
  • The author of this course wasn't comfortable using a lot of variables to achieve the desired outcome


  1. I inserted a new "overall" graded results slide
  2. I added a on both the English and French Quiz results slides to jump to the "overall" results slide if the user passed the quiz
  3. I removed all of the standard text that came with that results slide, but I kept the Success layer
  4. To make sure I used the correct results variables from both quizzes, I added text boxes to display them on the slide - these have to be there so they can be used for the slide trigger
  5. I changed the Slide trigger that Shows the success layer and added 2 conditions:  Show Success Layer IF the English Quiz results variable was greater than or equal to the passing score value OR the French Quiz results variable was greater than or equal to the passing score value
  6. I changed the LMS Publishing Settings to use the new "overall" results slide as the Pass/Incomplete Indicator for the course
  7. After verifying this this solution worked, I updated the final "overall' results slide to look like an end of course slide.  I did this because the user already received his or her score at the end of the quiz he or she completed.  I moved the quiz variables and success messages off screen and then formatted the slide with a sample end of course message.

I've included a screen shot of the "overall" results slide that submits to the LMS.  I also included the Storyline file I mocked up to test this method.  (Note, my 9th grade French is very rusty, so I used Lorem Ipusm text in place of French text in my sample version).  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

Best Wishes!!!

Grace Tang


I'm working on a sales training course that isn't in multiple languages, but I'd like to be able to create multiple branching scenes based on the market where the learner works.  Because there are content differences between markets, I would also like to have different graded quizzes at the end of each branching scene.  However, I would like to be able to report only 1 score to the LMS based on the branched quiz that the learner selects.

I'm reading this post and others like it, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips.  It sounds like some folks have resigned themselves to creating entirely separate courses, while others have experimented with variables or proxy slides as shown in this thread.

I'm fairly new to Storyline, so if anyone can help, I would be very grateful!


Anna Veach

I'm trying to something just like what is described above (not different languages, just different regions) and when I tested the above test file in SCORM Cloud, it doesn't return any score. That was the problem I was having when I tried it on my own without the extra variables. I figured the standard test mode (mine are simulations) results slide would suffice, I created a final results slide, but I put a button on the screen for each region and attached a trigger to submit results. Unfortunately, this isn't working.

That hasn't worked as far as I can tell, but as I stated, I published the file provided above and it didn't work in my "test LMS" on SCORM Cloud. Any other suggestions would be incredibly helpful. I'm trying to reduce the number of courses we have to load in our LMS due to not being able to upload it on my own.


Anna Veach

The one that Diana shared up there called Two_Quiz_One_LMS_Result_v2. It showed a complete and passed for both branches but no score was returned. I have no way of testing it in my company's actual LMS without making it a live course.

As far as the buttons, I created a final Results slide, and removed the trigger to submit results. I added two buttons, one called North, one called South and added triggers to the buttons to submit the results from the correct Results slides at teh end of each of my branched graded simulations. I was really hoping that would work, the same way it does when you put a trigger that says "Click here if you agree with this statement" and then it closes out the course and the user gets a completion status. I haven't really been too concerned about the score up until I started this project. Before this, it was always just going for a completion.

Thanks for your help!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Anna,

Ashley's out of the office today, but I wanted to stop by to see if I could be of some assistance with this.

It may simply be an issue with how the tracking or reporting options are set, or the triggers on the buttons you're using on your final slide.

Though we could try to recreate the issue with the original file, it might be best if we could take a look at the changes you've made to the project so we can see exactly what's happening. Are you able to share the .STORY file here so we can take a peek? If it's not too large, you should be able to share it by attaching it to a response. 



Kumar V

Hi Saike k

Iam facing same issue here. I Have 6 Question Banks with 6 different languages each with 10 questions. The Learner may select any one language and attempt the Quiz and allowed to retry and Review the Quiz.

Here the problem is, when i Click the Review Quiz button it takes me to some other language Question Bank. I have solved that using variables but now, when i click the review quiz button, the slides are in disable state and showing all questions as incorrect on reivew.

Need help please.

Thank You.