Multiple results slides combining into one

Has anybody created a final results slide based off two other results slides? I have two assessments within the package and learners will complete one of them depending on their role. What i need to do is get the overall result into one results slide, and use that slide to pass the data into the LMS. Has anybody managed to come up with a final results slide that would work? 

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Judy Nollet

You can have a Results slide that tracks other Results slides in the course (instead of tracking questions). In that final Results slide, in the Results Slide Properties, change the "Calculate results for" drop-down field to "Selected results slides." Then select the other Results slides to track.

However, that can't pick/report the score just for the test the user took. It provides these 2 options:

  • User must pass each quiz
  • Combine points from each quiz

If you combine points from each quiz, you'd have to set the passing score low enough so that passing just one quiz would be enough. For example, if both quizzes require a score of 100%, the Results of Results should only require 50% to pass, since the user will only take one of the quizzes (which means their score on the test they don't take will be 0%).

Cappie Suttle

I want to do the same. I have two results slides and I want the scores from both to determine the Pass/Fail score reported to the LMS.  The first results slide records the score from a set of 10 quiz slides and passing is set at 80%.  The second results slide stems from one question slide and passing is set at 100%.  The LMS passing requirement is that both results slides report a passing score.  Is there a way to do that? I've been reading the articles and I think it's possible, but I'm quite confused!

Cappie Suttle

Thank you for the Peek video. I have some questions.

1. I entered the following into the Quiz Settings window.


1. It created another results slide 10.4. Please note that one of my results slides is in scene 10 (10.3) and one in scene 11 (11.12). Scene 10 comes after scene 11 in the course however.


1. When I look at the triggers on results slide 10.3, the submit interaction is turned off. Same with the question slides in scene 10.



Consequently, when I take the ten question quiz slides, No score is reported. I’m at a total loss!