Muted audio for revisited slides

May 15, 2014

Hi, I have a slide with an audio that I want to work as follow: The first time the user enters the slide the audio will be played. But the next time the user enters the slide I would like the audio to mute so that the audio dosn't repeat every time I visit the slide. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem? Should I have a trigger or something else?

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Blake Griffin

I would use variables and triggers.  First I would set a True/False variable for the slide to be false as the default.  Then when the slide's timeline ends, have the variable change to true using a trigger.  Then, have a trigger to stop the media from playing if the variable is set to true when the timeline starts.  That way, when they go back to the slide, it has been viewed and the variable is set to true and the media will not play.

I have attached an example for you.