NVDA won't read text in layers


I'm using SL360 v3.55.25975.0 and NVDA 2021.1. I'm publishing to an LMS. When I land on a page with layers and open the layer, the text is not read by NVDA. It seems like a bug. Can you please let me know if there is some special key combo to read layers that I'm missing? I've tried all the usual NVDA key commands - down arrow, Insert+down etc. I will be happy to send the file if that helps. 


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Frances McGill

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the link - I have already read everything on your site about accessibility :-). I also agree that more demos would be helpful. If anyone has mastered accessibility with Storyline, please reach out to me :-) 

I look forward to a solution for this problem....hopefully soon :-)