Need Suggestion: Video on the timeline and timeline itself acting out of sync of each other

Jun 04, 2021

Hi Guys,

I need your suggestion, if anyone faced similar situation.

I have one video, created externally, inserted into storyline. I dont want to use the video control to play/pause but used seekbar, as I am using volume and CC buttons. So wanted to utilize bottom portion than adding those grey video controls on top.

But problem now is, video can be clicked play/pause itself and can be controlled via seek bar too. But they both dont work in sync. If I click on video and pause, seek bar is till going on and vice versa. I saw an idea, of having an empty layer on top of the video to make click on video inactive and control only via seekbar. But this is not ideal.


Does anyone has done this before? Any ideas/ suggestions?



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Manpreet Verma

Thanks Leslie for sending this. But this is exactly the same I have done.

With this, you can make video inactive for clicking. And I made by video, don't play automatically, so some users were confused where to click, on seekbar, they keep on clicking on the video, and Then I further added instructions as first frame of video, but even then got response from some leaners that it is bit confusing. 

So it appears for now, this is the best solution, maybe not IDEAL.

I really wonder why video runs its own, without being synced to seekbar.

Walt Hamilton

The design is that clicking on a video will pause it, because sometimes that is needed. The timeline will run until it is stopped.

If you have actions you need to have done before the video, put them on a slide, and have them done. Then when you are ready for the video, jump to the slide with the video on it. Start it when the slide timeline starts, cover the video with a transparent shape, and the video timeline and the slide timeline will be the same. They will not get out of synch. If you need to pause the video, instead pause the slide timeline, which will pause the video. You can do this by attaching a trigger to the transparent shape that toggles a T/F variable and uses the variable change to pause or play the timeline.