NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Review and Retry Incorrect Questions

Last week we announced an exciting new batch of features for Articulate 360. And today we released one of those new features for Storyline 360: review and retry incorrect questions.

Now you can challenge learners to review and retry only the questions in your quizzes that they got wrong. That way, they don’t have to revisit the questions they get right.

Here’s a quick example of this feature in action:

To learn more, check out this tutorial. We hope you love how this new feature helps your learners improve their knowledge.


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Susi B
Wendy Farmer

Hi Kellie

is the slide revisit option set to 'reset to initial state' that may be why it's showing as incorrect - try automatically decide - also is it checked on the results slide to be included?. If you can share the story file someone may be able to help you.

I had the same problem. My slides were set to "reset to initial state" and it was solved by setting it to "automatically decide". But if you want to use a custom build slide, I think it is nessecary to reset a slide too. So this should work no matter which of these 2 settings you choose.

FYI: I used a questionbank and tested with 80% pass score, 3 questions to be drawn from 15 questions. First time I got 1 right (not the first slide) > 33% correct. Second time got another one right (first slide) > 66% correct BUT after retrying had both slides again like after the first try.

Soren J Birch

Does this still require the quiz questions to be daisy chained, or can I distribute those across a scene or even the whole project? I have previously abandoned using the review feature, because people are thrown to the first question, but then they have to wade through the rest of the course to find question #2, unless all questions are in succession.