New Replace fonts update in storyline 360

The latest update includes a new feature, has anybody found where this is hidden ?

Quickly replace one font for another throughout your project. Choose the font you want to replace and the font you want to use instead, and Storyline 360 will swap out every instance of the font for you.

I've looked at the picture on the release notes but cannot seam to find it.

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Brad Goertz

I used replace fonts to get rid of the non-standard fonts that another developer had used, but it did not replace the fonts within the markers included in the course. I have 360 but it was a course I had to upgrade when I opened it for the first time, if that makes a difference in troubleshooting. I wanted to replace Myriad Pro with Arial.

Fraser Gordon

I have a small issue with this feature as it is currently implemented. I ran into a project from another developer where I got the warning that there was a missing font "#". Neither of us knew what that font was, why it got in there, or even where that font existed in the project, so I used the replace mechanism to replace it with something else.

Unfortunately, I don't know WHERE this was in the content, so choosing an appropriate replacement font was guesswork, and the Replace Fonts feature doesn't show you where the fonts occur, or even how many occurrences were replaced. I would have expected this feature to work similarly to the "Find/Replace" options in many word processing applications - cycling through occurrences of a given font, and giving me the option to choose which ones to replace, and with what font.

Would this be a possible enhancement for Storyline?