No feedback on questions imported from excel


Has anyone found a way to turn off feedback on questions imported from an excel file?

We've tried:

  • using the pipe to switch the feedback to by choice and not entering feedback after it. 
  • adding a double slash after the pipe. 
  • a hard space after the pipe. 
  • quotation marks after the pipe.

None of work, any other suggestions?


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Helen Tyson

I did think that was the case, but it's always worth asking in case someone has found a way.

With that in mind another question I'm sure I already know the answer to but just in case... if you have a number of questions in Storyline, whether you've imported them or built directly, and you don't want feedback on them is there a way to switch it off en masse without having to open every slide?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacek, 

This feature hasn't bubbled up to the top of our roadmap, but we're still listening to the feedback!  Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

If having this ability is something that would improve your experience using Articulate you can submit a feature request here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi James,

You can provide feedback on your choice-level feedback, such as for Multiple Choice questions in your Excel Spreadsheet:

  • For choice-level feedback, separate each answer choice and its feedback with a pipe (|). Example: Houston | Sorry, the capital of Texas is Austin.

Importing Questions from an Excel Spreadsheet

If other questions need feedback, outside of feedback layers, you can do this via form view.

Setting Feedback in Form View

The ability to include custom feedback on all questions during import is not a feature that has been implemented. I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests, which may be helpful.