No scores recording

Jul 22, 2021


First of all sorry for my english so ask me if I am not clear :)

When people do their course (a basic learning course without quiz), there is no score, I mean it shoud show "complete" or "validate" with a 100%, but it just say "complete not validate". 

I already contact our LMS support and they say they can't go further in their investigation because the courses are made with Articulate, not with their LMS course build tools (Talentsoft).

Can somebody help me please?


Thanks and have a good day.



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Laurent.

Thank you for reaching out! Your English is great, so please don't apologize! 😊

I'm happy to help you troubleshoot this issue, so let me ask you a few questions:

If it works as expected in SCORM Cloud, I'd recommend reaching out to TalentSoft again and asking for their recommended publishing standard (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, TinCan, etc.) and tracking options. 

If you experience the same during the test, my suggestion would be to open a support case through this link so we can see what's going on.