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Hello there, 

I saw this video about numeric variables:

(of Feb 2013)

Very interesting!

I applied it to my project. What I did is adding a trigger (+1 value when click on next) not only on the last slide of a chapter but on each and every slide (to be more precise). 

the problem I see when using it is that if I take 5 times the same chapter, it keeps on adding a 1 value to my variable (which could give a result of 100% before I actually watched the whole module).

Is there a way I could tell the trigger to add the value only once? (or is there another way to go about it?)

Thanks for your help. 


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Chris Webmax

Thanks Phil for your reply.

But if I take slide 1 (and assign 1), then take slide 2 (and assign 2), then go back to slide 1, I get a 1 in my meter (but it should be marked 2).

And what if I decide to take chapter 1, then 3, then 2 ? (the add a value seemed to be a good solution - only that it adds a value as many times as I visit the same slide).

Any other solution ?



Mike Enders


I did a follow up post on that issue.

For your situation, you can use the next button to increment the variable, but you'll need a way to stop that from happening the next time they hit that same button again.  The way to do this would be to create a set of companion variables (true or false variables, one for each slide).   So as an example....let's say you have a number variable that's being adjusted each time the user clicks a slides next button (we'll call this "Counter"). Let's say that we're on slide 01 of your presentation.  

For this slide we'll create a True False variable called "Slide 1".

So on this slide, your triggers would be...

Adjust variable (counter)  +Add Value 1, When user clicks Next button, On Condition: Slide01 == Equal to False


Adjust variable (slide1) =Assignment Value True When user clicks Next button

So the first variable is going to add a value only if the T/F variable is False.  Once the user clicks the next button, the variable switches to True, so the next button will no longer cause the variable to add a value of 1 on subsequent clicks.

Hope this helps!


PS. Pay close attention to Trigger order.  Make sure these triggers come before the Jump to Next Slide trigger.

Eric Stavney

Hi All,

My problem is related to a revisiting variable so I thought it fit in this thread.

I'm looking for some help in proofing a file I made with a progress meter.  I built it from the great instructions provided by Pete Brown at .

  • I've got a variable (varGlblScreensVisitedCount) that is incremented by 1 every time a new slide is visted. 
  • The counter is not supposed to increment if a radio button called VistedFlagRadioBtn is selected. The button, which is supposed to start unselected,  signals that the user has been on this slide previously (meaning they backed up to previous slides).  The button is changed to selected just after the incrementing of varGlblScreensVisitedCount.
  • The triggers, progress meter, and radio button are all on a Master slide, to which all slides in the show are set.
  • I've set all slides to Resume Saved State on revisiting so the radio button remains selected on revist.

Can anyone help me resolve why my counter continues to increment (and the progress meter moves forward) even though my user is backing up to a previously viewed slide?  Is it a trigger order problem?  I'm attaching my file of 5 slides.

Eric Stavney

OK, that does make sense. I'm not quite sure how to set the the triggers to the timeline start of the slide; thought they were set that way.  Do you mean I should move the triggers associated with the radio button to each slide, rather than on the Master slide?

Maybe you're talking about the Object of triggers on the Master, which should be changed to:

That what you mean?



Lauren Parker

Hi! I'm trying to achieve a similar effect, but it's not functioning as I anticipate it should. I have a trigger set on my slide to add a count when the timeline starts if a variable is false. When the learner clicks an object on the slide, it's set to change the variable to true before it advances to the next slide. However, when the learner revisits the slide, it's still adding a count. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried setting the slide to reset to initial state and resume saved state in case that was the issue, but it adds a count again regardless. I've included a screenshot of my trigger panel. Any assistance anyone can offer will be much appreciated!

Mike Enders

Hi Lauren,

I'd have to see the file to diagnose (feel free to post it here if you're able to). The way the triggers look, it seems like it should work. 

My first thought is...that "FirstMove" variable. Is that only being used for this slide? So it's not being set back to "False" for some reason on a subsequent slide? Because if it were being set to "False" on the next slide then a return to this slide would cause the count to continue. Ultimately, in this setup, you'd need a unique True False variable for each slide. 

If that's not the issue, it might help to set up a variable reference on the slide to make sure that the variable is, indeed, changing. To do so, add a text box to this slide. And then via the insert tab, click "reference" and select the FirstMove variable. This will create a %FirstMove% within the text box (note: you can also just type that into a text box). I'd also create this same exact reference %FirstMove% on the next slide that you're traveling to. So now when you preview your project, you'll see what's going on with that variable. Does it flip to "True" when you advance to that next slide? And when you return, does it stay "True"? This will help you to diagnose the situation in more detail. 

I hope this helps! And please feel free to post your file. 



Ilana Prusock

Hi there, I'm trying to use numeric variables to set up an interaction where the answer will register as correct if the student selects any 4 of the items. I've been able to create this if the user selects 4 items right away, but not if they select, deselect, and then reselect items. I've tried it a whole bunch of different ways (they each have a slide in the attached). I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to achieve this. Thanks!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Ilana, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

Thank you for sharing your .story file! I see you also opened a case with our support engineers, and you're working with Lianne. While there are different ways to achieve what you're looking for (and Lianne will probably offer you a great suggestion!), here's my recommendation:

  • Connect the variable change (Add value 1 to CountCircles) to the submit button (Button 3), and add a condition to check if the oval is checked (If the state of Oval 1 = Selected). You should do that for each of your ovals.

Windows 10 (1) 2021-08-04 at 10.46.29 AM

  • Keep the triggers that submit the interaction and change the correct and incorrect selections at the bottom of your list. 

Windows 10 (1) 2021-08-04 at 10.47.05 AM

You currently have one attempt allowed, but if you decide to change it to more than one, you should also add a trigger to set CountCircles to 0 on your Try Again layer.

Screen Recording 2021-08-04 at 10.48.50 AM

I am attaching my suggestion here.

Let me know if this works!