numeric variable

Hello there, 

I saw this video about numeric variables:

(of Feb 2013)

Very interesting!

I applied it to my project. What I did is adding a trigger (+1 value when click on next) not only on the last slide of a chapter but on each and every slide (to be more precise). 

the problem I see when using it is that if I take 5 times the same chapter, it keeps on adding a 1 value to my variable (which could give a result of 100% before I actually watched the whole module).

Is there a way I could tell the trigger to add the value only once? (or is there another way to go about it?)

Thanks for your help. 


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Ilana Prusock

Hi there,

The suggestion above worked really well. Thank you! I'm wondering if you can help me take it a step farther. I am trying to apply the same concept to a drag and drop item.... I've applied the principle of counting when the items are dropped on the target, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to set up the validation because it cannot be both a drag and drop and a pick one. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Ilana.

I'm happy the suggestion worked for you! You can apply the same idea to a drag-and-drop slide but still using the Pick One freeform question. 

I created a short 4-minute Peek 360 recording showing you how it would work, and I'm also attaching the edited file here.

Let me know if you have questions!

Ilana Prusock

Hi Maria,

This is great. I have one follow up question for this.

I'm having trouble changing the settings so that the dropped items don't
stack. I need the user to be able to see them all. I know how to do that in
a drag and drop item, but since this is a pick one item, I'm not able to
access those settings. Is there a way around that that I'm not finding?

Thank you!!