One-to-many drag and drop exercise - how do you do that?

Jun 16, 2021

I want my learners to identify three components on a picture of a machine. Any good idea how you can use the built-in tools for doing that?

Hotspot clicking is useless as it will only allow for ONE correct answer. Not multiple.

I tried Free Form Drag and Drop, but this is limited to One drop One correct. Cant do many-to-many.

I have marker A B and C. I can make them drag and drop, but it doesn't matter if they are on Hotspot A, B or C - all 3 are correct. As long as there is a marker in all 3 hotspots.

But Storyline is fighting me very much to not allow this. Only way I can make dragable objects is to make a FreeForm slide with Drag and drop.

However, this slide can only ever have a correct result if a PARTICULAR object is dropped on a PARTICULAR target. Can I somehow convince Storyline that the question is correct when I say so via a trigger? Why is this so restricted anyways?

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Soren J Birch

After scooting around on the forum for a bit I found an ancient work-around posted originally by refco on youtube:

Drag Drop - Multiple Drags with Multiple Targets

This works. Would sure be swell if one-to-many or many-to-many would be supported by the built-in freeform drag-and-drop.

So you need to create a Free Form Pick One slide and then create a trigger for each dragable object that changes their state to Drop Correct when they are released over a shape. This also turns them dragable.

See the example below for your own projects where you want a freeform drag and drop slide with one object that has many correct drops.

The downside to my solution is that if the user drags all 3 objects into the same hotspot, it still passes. I will have to live with it.


Walt Hamilton