Passed/Failed vs Passed/Incomplete Reporting

Feb 10, 2016

I've been trying to find someplace that specifies the difference between LMS Reporting for Passed/Failed and Passed/Incomplete. None of the articles I am finding seem to actually tell me what the difference is between them.

Would someone please explain? 

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Joleen Kiesel

Hi All

Am hoping you can help figure out another issue, and not sure if it is related to the Completed/Failed issue.....we are finding now that if the user takes the quiz again because they have failed, it is not sending the updated score to the LMS but rather only recording the first attempt score. Any help would be appreciated!

(it was tested through SCORM and it apparently works there) - attached the .story file

Megan Dukek

Hi Alyssa Gomez,

Your post - along with Christie Pollick's - was very helpful. My company uses Cornerstone. I am trying to draw parallels to how statuses are shown in Cornerstone.

Is the attachment correct? The last three columns are provided by CSOD (

Thank you.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Megan,

I cannot speak for CSOD, but it does look like it matches our recommendation for recording completion and success status in an LMS:

We recommend choosing Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed. These options are most likely to record both completion and success statuses in your LMS. (You might see an Unknown success status in your LMS until learners complete the course, then the status usually changes to Passed/Failed.)


Storyline and Studio: How to Report Completion and Success Statuses to an LMS

Darin Fennell

I have a similar issue as one that has been mentioned above. I have a module with an assessment. It is set to Pass/Incomplete. Even when I get 100% on the assessment, the LMS still says I'm "In Progress". I used Storyline 3 to create the module, posted it for the LMS using Scorm 1.2, and Track using quiz results. When I look at "View Training Details" in my LMS (cornerstone), I get what's on the attached image. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Darin!

Thanks for sharing this screenshot with us! How are you tracking progress? Are you using a results slide, the number of slides viewed, or a complete course trigger?

I'd recommend uploading your course to SCORM cloud to see if the same behavior occurs in another LMS environment! Here are the steps on how to troubleshoot your LMS with SCORM cloud.

Darin Fennell

I am using a Results slide to track progress. I uploaded it to SCORM cloud and got the same result. Here are two things I noticed. One, I had my result in a separate scene. I then moved it to the same scene as my assessment. The user was not seeing the Results slide because I had created a different conclusion slide in order to use our company's colors and styles.   I then placed the Results slide in front of my conclusion slide, reduced the time to 1/2 second, and covered it with a white rectangle. Once I republished it and tested it in the  SCORM cloud, it appeared to work fine.

I did notice afterward that I can now edit the Results slide and make it look the way I want.

Leah Hemeon

Hi Darin - you've found it. The user MUST hit that results slide for the results to actually get reported. If it's in another scene that the user doesn't "view" then the report results trigger on that results slide won't ever "report" back to the LMS. I call your solution the "hidden results" slide. Just so you know for future reference, your "results" slide doesn't actually have to show anything. I put a title off the slide so it's named (and you need an object of some sort to hold the timeline at 0.25 seconds). Otherwise I delete all other objects and set the "next" trigger to be when the slide's timeline ends. The only important part is that the trigger to "submit results" needs to stay and should go at the beginning of the slide's timeline for best results.

One other way to do this, if your version of Storyline 3 has the newer "complete course" trigger, is that you can use that trigger in lieu of a results slide. This only works though if you don't have a quiz that you need to report a score on.

I also second Lauren's recommendation to always test your SCORM packages in SCORM Cloud. It's free for packages under 100 MB. It ensures that you get expected results BEFORE taking it into your LMS. This way you can narrow issues down a bit more - in this case, the package didn't track in SCORM Cloud so you knew the issue was with the package and not a setting in the LMS.

Hope this helps!