Play Soundfile while pause timeline

Mar 08, 2022


I want to setup a software training. Every time the learner have to click on the correct button "in the software" (a video) a colored rectangle appears, which stops the video. While the pause I want to play a sound file (speaking instruction what the user can find here and that he/she have to click on the button to move on). Over the rectangle are 2 triggers, one to pause the timeline and one to continue the timeline after a click on the rectangle.

But now the question: How can I play the sound while the timeline pause? I tried it with layers, integrate the sound file and set a trigger to start the layer after the rectangle appears. But the trigger to pause the timeline prevents this.

Any ideas?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Marcel.

I wasn't able to reproduce what you're experiencing. I tried the following:

  • A Button that pauses the timeline and triggers audio to play;
  • Pausing the timeline and playing audio when the timeline reaches a certain time.

Both options worked (the timeline paused, and the audio played).

Are you comfortable sharing your .story file so we can see your setup and offer specific suggestions?