Please Help! Image changing size

Mar 17, 2023


I am working on a project for work and I'm having issues with an image changing size when I preview or publish. This is an update to a previously made course. When I preview the exact same slide on the previous version, the image doesn't change size; however, when I preview or even publish the updated version, the image on the slide shows as super tiny in the top left corner. WHY?!?!?!?!

I have both projects open side-by-side and I've verified that the settings are exactly the same on both, so I'm completely lost as to what the difference is.  I have uploaded a screen shot of a preview of the slides from both versions so you can see what I mean.

Can anybody help?


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Ron Katz

Crista, I was having a similar problem with a recent project.  For me, I had made a change to the master template (changed where an image would go by a few pixels) and then when I previewed or published it shrunk the image way down.

So I saved the image by exporting it. (Click on image, right click, export image) then I deleted the image, clicked on the placeholder to insert an image from file, and finally reapplied the layout.

When I saved it, everything seemed ok again.

I hope this helps.