Pre-Test Reporting

Mar 31, 2022

Hey folks, I have a challenging problem. I'm working with a test-out option for a training module. The first of two question banks is set as a "pre-check" and if the user passes, it should kick him or her out successfully and flag the results as completed/passed. If the user doesn't pass, it should kick the user to the course instead.

I've researched and closely reviewed the available guidance here, but when I am testing the course the reporting doesn't seem to work and the redirect (for a failed learner) doesn't seem to work either. I've tried in both the web release (locally) and in our company's LMS testing database, which functions exactly like the live version.

I'm publishing to SCORM 1.2 and am wondering if that is part of the issue, or whether there is a different variable that isn't being correctly triggered.

Has anyone successfully enabled a pre-check option for an SL360 module who can help troubleshoot or point me to a potentially fruitful solution?

Thanks in advance!

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