Prevent enter key from submitting text entry for evaluation

Jul 08, 2014


I am having a problem with the text entry. I would like the learner to be able to type a longer text into the text entry box. When he presses 'enter', a line break should be created within the text entry box. However, as soon as the learner presses the enter key, the text is automatically submitted and the learner is moved on to the next slide. Is there a way around this? I deleted the 'next' and 'submit' button and created my own submit button, but this didn't work either. Can anybody help? Thank you.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sabine,

Is this on a question slide or a regular content slide?

This support page may help to answer your question, but briefly, for these data entry questions, pressing enter is = pressing Submit answer

  • Graded: Fill in the Blank
  • Graded: Numeric
  • Survey: Short Answer
  • Survey: How Many
  • Freeform: Text Entry

If you use an Essay Question, Learers CAN use ENTER for a line break.

And if you're using just a data entry field on a content slide, making the text entry box taller should allow Learners to press ENTER for a line break.

Also, if your Learners are moving to the next slide automatically, check the slide properties. If the slide is advancing automatically, you can change it to By User.

Abhishek Dasgupta



I am having the same issue as well. We have added a pretty large text entry box in the question slide for the user to input their answers. I also created custom submit button for submitting the answers. However, whenever the user presses Enter key in the text entry box, instead of adding a new paragraph, its taking to the next slide. We have already selected Slide Progresses by user.

Any help will be much appreciated.




Abhishek Dasgupta


I did check her response. Unfortunately, its not working. We have tried increasing the size of the text box as well. However, as soon as the Enter key is pressed it takes to the next slide.

We are using freeform question. We want the user to enter multiple paragraphs in it which needs to be graded. Otherwise we could have used the survey type question which allows us to enter essay and allows the enter key to insert a new paragraph.

I have also tried using a variable to capture the text entered and if there is no value entered in the text entry it can open up a new layer which acts as a pop up saying invalid answer. However, the challenge I am facing is when there is already a sentence or paragraph entered and then the user presses the enter key to get a new paragraph. Can we somehow customize that as well?


Leslie McKerchie

Thank you Abhishek! I wanted to be sure that we were on the same page. 

There is not a built in way to do what you are asking. The Enter key submits this question type.

I'm not sure if someone in the community has a creative way to handle this differently.

Even if you place a warning to the learner, I'm sure that they are still going to hit the Enter key as it is only natural when typing.

You are welcome to submit a feature request here.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Leonora -- Thanks for reaching out here! It doesn't appear that we heard back from Abhishek with a solution he discovered, but as this discussion is a bit older and he may no longer be subscribed, you are welcome to reach out to him via the "Contact Me" link on his profile page to inquire directly. And while I am not aware of a solution that has been discovered for his issue, if you would be interested in sharing your file, perhaps your peers might be be able to take a look and offer additional ideas based on your current set up. 

Kim Mason

Fast Forward 7 Months ....

I had a similar problem - In the Try steps of my software/screen recording the user enters two lines of text - the second line is typed in after pressing the enter key on the first line (to create a new line).

I got round the problem (of Storyline validating too early) by duplicating the slide and having each line as a single line text entry box - on each slide. I positioned each text entry box over the area where each line should appear, and "snipped" the first line's text and pasted it on to the second slide - above the second text entry box (giving the impression the user has entered the correct text.

Finally, in each slide's form view I change the acceptable answers to the correct value for each line.

Hope that helps.


Kim Hofmann

Thanks for your help on the short answer/submit question. Now I'm stuck again. Do you have any suggestions on how to best do a reflection activity? The student is supposed to create a list of all qualities that they think area found in an empowering work environment. They are then supposed to rate these qualities according to their significance. Then they need to create a list of qualities that are currently present in their operation. Finally, they need to reflect on the comparison between the two lists.

I just don't know where to start on this question. Any tips, ideas, suggestions......?


cass miller



I am having the same issue. Unfortunately, an essay question will not work for me because I need multiple text entry boxes on one slide, but you cannot have multiple essay boxes on one slide. Even after configuring the slide to advance by a user, making a custom submit button, creating a feedback layer, it still advances to the layer/next slide when you hit enter. Please help!

Jennifer Wagner

I'm having problems with this as well since hitting Enter when using the keyboard on graded questions (so ADA/508 accessible) with feedback layers does cause the layer to appear, but then it is NOT possible to tab to Continue and so the user is effectively stuck. I'm not sure why the tabbing functionality gets lost for the layer. The only way past the screen is to click Continue, which you obviously can't do if you can't physically use a mouse. 

I can, of course, put a message on the slide to not hit Enter and instead tab to the Submit button, but it's common to hit Enter after typing an answer (without even thinking about it), and if a user accidentally does it, he'll be stuck on that screen.

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? I need feedback layers and can't just go on to the next slide.