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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cayman and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry that you're running into an issue when previewing your course.

Curious if this happens with any course or just this particular one?

It looks like you've reached out to our support team as well and it may be beneficial to take a look at your .story file, so I will send you a reply there for you to get that uploaded for our team.

Cayman Persichini

Thanks for responding!

So far this has happened to every course I've tried to publish or preview. I'm thinking it's more of a operating system issue rather than the trial version of what I have.

Just sent a file over so hopefully someone can provide some more insight.

Thanks again for the help!


Caryn De Buck

We are experiencing the same issue where the software crashes when we try to play the timeline on a specific slide, but it doesn't happen for everyone, only one user which makes me think it's a software or operating system issue versus a file issue (file works fine on my machine). She has run the most recent update and still has the same problem so I'm at a lose as to what to try next to solve her issue.