Previous button isn't working correctly

Hi Heroes

I'm facing 2 issues in one of the projects I'm working on. And hope someone can help!

1. The course requires learners to review quiz after they have completed the quiz. The quiz questions are in between content slides. I was able to review the quiz in the review mode perfectly. But the issue is, the Previous button isn't jumping to the previous question. When I clicked on the Previous button, it was supposed to jump to the earlier quiz question, but it jumped to the content slide instead. How do I set it in such a way that the previous button jumps back to the earlier quiz question and not to other slide?

2. In each quiz question, there are no next button. After the learner clicks on the answer, they have to click on the Submit button. Once they click it, the Continue button will show up for them to click in order to proceed to the next slide. It all worked fine and I could proceed to the next slide. But when I was on the next slide, I decided to click on the previous button to view the previous quiz question again, but this time the next button showed up in the quiz question (it shouldn't be when I didn't have it in the slide properties, but somehow it appeared). And this next button isn't working, how do I set it to jump to the next slide?

Thank you!

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