Problem compression issue

Jul 21, 2021

No matter how clear the file is, when I upload a JPG / graphic (or PNG) - Storyline 360 is blurring it to beyond recognition. Are there any compression settings we can adjust for that one slide? Nothing we've tried is working and its very frustrating/time consuming. We tried PNG, JPG, EMF, etc. -  high resolution - all that - nothing. Just blurs it to unreadable on preview and on publish.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Connie!

Thank you for sharing what you've tried so far!

It sounds like the images you're using are supported in Storyline 360, so if you see blurriness using any of the supported media types, then I'd like our Support Engineers to step in so we can work with you directly. Do you mind sharing your project with their team in a support case?

I'm so sorry for the trouble!