Buenas! A alguien le ha pasado que al insertar un video hecho en after effects con transparencia en mp4 o un gif el fondo se le ve negro?

También e intentado exportar en png y montar el gif en photoshop y se soluciona lo del fondo, ahora me respeta la transparencia pero el gif no se reproduce, que queda como si fuese una imagen estática.


Gracias de antemano!

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Andrea Koehntop

Hola Cristina! 

We have a current feature request we are working on for transparent videos.

We also are tracking a bug in HTML5 where Video with transparent background loses transparency and is played with a black background.

For more information, here's how we tackle bugs and manage feature requests

I have included you to receive updates on both of these, so we will be sure to keep you informed on any news! 

Andrea Koehntop

Hi again Maura! 

No, this particular feature is not currently in development. 

We receive many great feature requests from our customers, and we take them very seriously. However, not all feature requests go directly into development. Our product development team looks at several factors, such as:

  • Is there an ability to implement this feature request?
  • Will it meaningfully improve the experience of our software?
  • Will it be valuable to most of our customers?

If the answers to those questions are yes, we will bring them to our product development team. They evaluate not only feature requests, but bug fixes as well. If a feature makes it onto our feature roadmap, they then design, develop and test it to ensure the feature functions correctly in the software. 

You are linked to receive updates, so we will be sure to keep you informed of any news!