Problems editing text in hebrew

Jun 12, 2018


After the latest update, while using the backspace key in Hebrew, the entire sentence is being deleted instead of just one letter.

How can i fix it? Thanks


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Crystal Horn

Hi Tamir.  I'm sorry you're seeing this behavior.  Fortunately we're aware of it for Storyline 360, and Storyline 3.  Which version are you using?

I'll add your experience to our documentation, and I'll be able to update you here with any changes. 

As for a workaround, can you highlight the portion you need to delete with your cursor and cut the text that way?  Not ideal, I know, but hopefully a way to keep moving forward.

Andrea Koehntop

Hi anat, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

To be sure you are experiencing the same issue for the bug we are tracking, can you clarify if you are noticing that the mouse does not move to the end of the word after typing, that hitting backspace deletes the word, both, or something else?

Crystal offered a workaround suggestion that may be helpful to you in the meantime. 

And for more information, here's how we tackle bugs.

I look forward to your response!