Problems logging in to Articulate 360


I keep experiencing issues when trying to login to Articulate 360. To begin with I would use the desktop app then try to enter my email then password and it would take a moment then go back to the enter email page as if nothing had been entered.

When I try to open up Articulate by opening a previously created story it will tell me that I must be signed in to use Articulate Storyline. I then click on Sign In and it pops up with an error stating "There was an error opening Articulate 360 desktop app"

Can you please help me access this again.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing the difficulty you are having getting logged into Articulate 360.

Check out the article below for the reasons you might not be able to sign in to the Articulate 360 desktop app and how to fix them:

Articulate 360 Desktop App: Can't Sign In

If you still need assistance, please feel free to contact our support team directly here and share any troubleshooting you've done.