Problems with user exiting the course early

I've created a short course and I'm having trouble when the user leaves the course prematurely.

If a user leaves the course prematurely and resumes, will the LMS take the user only back to the base layer of a particular slide, or will it take them back to the layer they were on when they left the course?


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Vic Reyes

Hi Margaret,


Good question! If users leave and resume a course, they will return to the beginning of the last slide they previously left. This is because the suspend data element, which describes everything about the course's current state, is only sent after each slide. 


If the slides in your course contain multiple layers, you can split those layers into individual slides. This way, users will be able to resume exactly where they exited.


I hope this helps. 

Margaret Reeve

Hi Vic,
Just wondering, is it possible to return the user back to the start of the
course, rather than the slide they left off?

I've created a very short scenario, and in this instance, wonder if it
would make more sense to ask the user to start at the very beginning again,
if they left the course prematurely.

Would this be possible?