Publish to Modern SharePoint Site (Rise + Storyline 360) - Solved

Sep 18, 2019

Hi All,

As many others, I have been struggling with publishing rise/storyline 360 to WEB and putting it on a modern SharePoint page. Unfortunately I am not allowed to use a 3rd party web servers or FTP so here's what I did.

  • Upload your unzipped course folder with all the files to your Onedrive.
    Make sure your target group in your organization has "read rights" by changing the access rights of that folder.
  • Save the story_html5.html  as story_html5.aspx 
    I removed the original and kept the story_html5.aspx only
    I also removed the story.html

    When I published a rise course I saved the index.html as index.aspx
  • Get the link to your story_html5.aspx or index.aspx file and use e.g. a HERO web part to add it to your SharePoint. Clicking on the link will open your course in a new tab without prompting you to download any html.

Tested in IE, Edge, Chrome

I still do have a problem and I hope someone else can help me out on this.
If I want to embed videos, it creates HTML files and those slides don't work. Changing those to .aspx didn't help.

So for now, I just try to avoid anything that creates further HTML files in the published content folder. I put the video in the course instead of using a link or embedding from youtube, from vimeo or from the company's internal video hosting platform.

I hope I could help.



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Sue Mullen

This wouldn't work for me. I placed my files as you did, Chrissie, but my url keeps adding "download" in the path. I'm using Chrome, so I tried adding ?web=1 to the end of path as suggested here, but no go. If I use a path to a PPT or other type, it works as desired, which is to open the file in a browser tab. For .aspx, nope. I don't know if this is a Sharepoint setting or a Chrome thing. Anyone?

Daya Nair

Hello! I am not able to understand or do the last part, where you have added an image on the page...and linked it to is appreciated. I changed the file extension when I extracted the file, then uploaded all my files to sharepoint, when I run the aspx file, it says you need the app to go with this...

Daniel Kiss

Hi Everyone, 

I was only notified now about the comments so sorry for late response. I am glad it worked for most of you. I now work for another company and I don't publish Rise 360 courses anymore to SharePoint so I cannot provide an up-to-date info.

Sue: If you get the "download" issue it's probably, because you added the files on SharePoint. I had the same issue. This only worked for me when I put the files in my personal onedrive and that's what I also state in my first bulletpoint. Whenever I added them directly to SharePoint or Teams it did not work.

Alfonso: You only edited the name and not the file extension. In win10, if you go to your file explorer and click the view tab on the top you have a checkbox for "file name extensions". Check that in and you will be able to change file extensions easily.

Daya: I hope Chrissie's pdf helped you.  If you place the files on sharepoint or teams it will probably not work. Place them to your personal onedrive or ask IT to create another o365 account for this purpose. You will use the hyperlink of that story_html5.aspx file. Then you go to sharepoint page, choose your desired way of presenting it. I chose the HERO webpart and added the hyperlink there. 

Christina: Indeed, I had the same problem. It only worked when I placed the files in my personal onedrive. I suggest you ask IT to set up a separate account for this and use that one. If you publish everyhing to your personal onedrive, link it from there and you leave the company all those Rise courses will probably not work anymore. 



Chrissie Greeff

Hey everyone, for those of you still struggling to upload your Rise to sharepoint... 

This morning I uploaded a Rise course to my SharePoint for the first time in months and also got stuck with the same issue. Funny as my previous ones worked perfectly.

But I found a solution while having a look at my old Rise courses previously uploaded. 

It seems the new exported scorm package has a few extra files that for some reason prevents it from running on sharepoint, so I just deleted them and now it is working perfectly.

I am attaching a document on what to remove 

Russell Engoran

I had the same issue with the course files just downloading instead of running in the browser on sharepoint. For me, it turned out to be a sharepoint setting. MY IT department had disabled javascript from running by default. So, they set up a section for me that allowed javascript and it worked from there on.


Margaret Hales

I have been working through the challenges of uploading the curriculum onto the SharePoint site. The question is I have embedded Storyline lessons in my Rise360 training. Do I need to find all the HTML files and convert them to ASPX. I'm thinking yes, but before I go through this arduous task, I'd like to find out. My Rise360 curriculum is working as is, so the steps to change the Index to aspx worked. Thanks for that!

Karen Newton

YES! -  the same issue is happening to me.  A Rise file I created with embedded Storyline files worked perfectly.  However the same file does not work in SharePoint.  The files show up as blanks. I  was pressed for time so I removed the embedded files.  My concern is that I won't be able to embed Storyline into Rise files being used in SharePoint.  I hope Articulate addresses the issue at some point and/or beefs up Rise so we don't have to use Storyline.

Jennifer Brown

I had this problem on both legacy and modern SharePoint, but I just tested again, and I can get it to play.

We use Storyline 3, and I published to web. I changed the two file extensions at the top level from .HTML to .ASPX. Made sure my folder name had no spaces when created a document library on No issues.