Publish to Modern SharePoint Site (Rise + Storyline 360) - Solved

Hi All,

As many others, I have been struggling with publishing rise/storyline 360 to WEB and putting it on a modern SharePoint page. Unfortunately I am not allowed to use a 3rd party web servers or FTP so here's what I did.

  • Upload your unzipped course folder with all the files to your Onedrive.
    Make sure your target group in your organization has "read rights" by changing the access rights of that folder.
  • Save the story_html5.html  as story_html5.aspx 
    I removed the original and kept the story_html5.aspx only
    I also removed the story.html

    When I published a rise course I saved the index.html as index.aspx
  • Get the link to your story_html5.aspx or index.aspx file and use e.g. a HERO web part to add it to your SharePoint. Clicking on the link will open your course in a new tab without prompting you to download any html.

Tested in IE, Edge, Chrome

I still do have a problem and I hope someone else can help me out on this.
If I want to embed videos, it creates HTML files and those slides don't work. Changing those to .aspx didn't help.

So for now, I just try to avoid anything that creates further HTML files in the published content folder. I put the video in the course instead of using a link or embedding from youtube, from vimeo or from the company's internal video hosting platform.

I hope I could help.



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