Publishing to video auto play background music

May 06, 2021

I found several posts and tutorials allowing for background music in Storyline LMS/Web courses  but they all require a button the user interacts with. I need to publish to video (.mp4) and as such I would like to have background music playing consistently across my slides without an interactive button.  Is there a way to do this? I do not want to spend hours slicing up a music track across the slides.  Do I have to take my silent .mp4 and import it into another program just at add a background audio track?

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Anonymous M

Hi Barbara,

Have you tried incorporating a background music in the master slide? It should continue throughout the slides and not change after several slides. You may try looping in the music in the a master slide then adding several layers therein. You may want to check the link for the tutorial below.

How to Loop Audio or Video in Articulate Storyline:

I hope this helps.

Barbara Pailet

I have. I put the audio on the Master Slide and set it to trigger when this slide begins (it doesn't need to loop, the audio is actually longer than the slides timeline by ~5s).  I've tried adding the loop trigger just in case, but still don't get any sound.

I tried adding Javascript set to run at 1 second on the first slide (similar to the instructions on - I even tried having a button just to see!

When I go to publish, I get an error message "some of the media in this project cannot be included in this video." and when it  finishes encoding the video there is no sound.  I hope I'm doing something wrong and you can point me in the right direction!