Question Bank Feedback Remove.

Hi All,

I am currently in the process of creating a large amount of online assessments using storyline 2, Everything is looking promising with regards to the tracking and output (after heavily adapting our LMS to output a certificate).

However while I am constructing the assessments I use the new feature to import question banks in via excel then add them into the storyline story, create a question bank and I'm half way home. Yet I do not require feedback for any questions as the assessment is for compliance training (having users drop in and out when knowingly answering incorrectly is just a no.) also they can review the answers via the results slide.

I would like to know if anyone has had any luck on disabling question feedback from the "Draw from bank option" for an entire bank at a time, Yes I am aware of the ability to change each question individually, but as I am creating 30+ assessments with 50-90 questions each time is of the essence and a large scale change would be just the trick.

I have attempted to create a "blank" feedback master, this unfortunately only removed the grey box from the "Correct"/"Incorrect" layers.

If anyone knows of a way to mass remove feedback that would be great.


Thanks in advance - John

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I believe this was an issue another user ran into recently in regards to importing questions, as there is not an option to indicate on the Excel file or text file that you'd like to not include feedback. Currently this would need to be a feature request to change that set up and include the elements as a part of the Excel chart. 

Mark Lariscy

This would be something that would be great if it could be added as a patch.  

I have this same issue.  It affects what projects I am able to use Storyline for.  It is too time consuming to change each question if your question bank is  large.  Storyline is a great product though that I use when I can.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I don't have any updates on if this will be included in a future update or release, but you'll also want to make sure you share your thoughts in the form of a feature request here as those go directly to our product development team. 

If we have any updates to share we'll be sure to include here once I've got additional information to share. 

John Willis

Hi Jessica,

I don't believe this has been changed. I looked at the issue again sometime ago and found the only way to do it would be to create a slide from scratch setting it up to look like a quiz question, then using my own variables to produce a score without feedback from each slide. It's time consuming, however if you only have multiple choice questions a quick copy and paste of each slide and adjusting the question, answers and correct variable wouldn't take too long.

Hope this helps.