Question Choice state is affected by the Quiz Review button position

Sep 13, 2022

If the Quiz review button is selected and is at the same position as a question choice in review mode, the question choice will change to the hover state and lock at that state.

In this example, I select the first choice option for the first question, since the review button is at the same level of the second choice of the first question in review mode, the second choice option will change to the hover state and lock at that state.

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Kelly Auner

Hi, Jeremiah!

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know you're experiencing this issue.  We have a possible software bug logged for where the answer choice’s hover state is activated and stuck when in quiz review mode or revisiting the slide.

It happens if the position of a button in the Result Slide is the same as one of the answer choices from the quiz slide. As a workaround, you may need to avoid placing a button jumping on the Quiz slide on the same level as the answer choices.

If you believe this is not the issue you're seeing with your course, please feel free to upload your file here or privately in a support case so we can take a look!