Quiz Retry & Review problem

Hi I hope someone can help

I have a quiz that gives the user 3 attempts to get all answers correct, my problem is this

If I set the "when revisiting" option on pages to "Reset initial state" it always shows all answers incorrect bar on "Review" & does not show the answer the user selected but it does show the "Submit" button on "Retry" - so "Retry" works correctly but "Review" does not - I can hide the incorrect bar, but the user cannot see the answer they selected compared to the correct answer, if I can show their answer the problem is solved.

If I select "Automatically decide"or "Resume saved state" the "Review" is correct but when a user tries to "Retry" it does not allow answers to be changed & shows "Prev"& "Next" buttons not the "Submit" button.

Please let me know if you have a solution to this

Thanks for your help


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