Quiz Review not working properly

Jun 01, 2015

Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my quiz review.  I run through the quiz and select all of the correct answers, and then click the Review Quiz button to review the questions.  

When reviewing, the slide should show a check mark beside the answers that are correct;  however, it's not showing any check marks and there's a red banner at the bottom of the slide showing Incorrect (see attached graphic).  

This is ONLY happening for the Multiple Choice questions.  It's showing correctly for the Multiple Response questions.  Any idea of why this might be happening?

Thanks so much!

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Victoria Sublette

I just had the same problem and Ashley told the author to check the "Revisiting slide" option in the Slide Properties which the person had as "Reset to initial state" and the other slides were "Automatically decide". I did this and my drag and drop review worked!

The only problem I am finding now is that I wanted the interaction to reset because the user gets 2 chances to get it right. However, if I change it to automatically decide, it stays in the same state as I left it (everything dropped on the objects) but then the review works.


Kathy Waits

Hi Wendy...thanks, but I changed the When revisiting option to Automatically decide (as Victoria suggested) and it now works.  Thanks, Victoria!!

However...now I'm having another issue.  When the user goes back to review the quiz, it's showing the Correct or Incorrect banner at the bottom, but I would like for a checkmark to appear next to the correct answers during the review.  Do either of you know how to set up that option?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Sangeetha!

As a troubleshooting step, if your question slides are using the 'Reset to initial state' resume behavior, try changing this option to 'Automatically decide'.

Having the revisit behavior of your question slides set to 'Reset to initial state' upon revisiting means that the entered choice of the learner will be cleared when the slide is reloaded during review, and using 'Automatically decide' as the slide behavior should address the reported behavior. 

Let me know if this works for you!