Quiz revisit not clickable

Can anyone please help! A learner completes the lesson the first time and reaches a quiz. They complete the quiz and fail. A button takes them back to the beginning of the course and they reach the same quiz again. This time, however, storyline is not allowing the users to select anything on their retry. All of the quiz screens are duds and only the submit button is active, so there is no way to answer the questions. "next" and "previous" player buttons suddenly appear so the learner can skip through each question, but I want them to be able to answer again and have a chance of passing this time. The question slides have "reset to initial state" settings.  I have multiple lessons like this. Some have published and work perfectly (even if the learner fails, they can retry), but some give this problem. Is this a glitch?

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Judy Nollet

To allow the users to re-take a graded quiz, there has to be a "Reset results..." trigger somewhere. That trigger is created automatically if you insert a Retry button on the Results slide. Since you're not using that button, you can add the trigger to whatever button you are using to send the learner back to the start of the course. The trigger tells Storyline to reset the quiz.

FYI: You should also change the revisit setting on the quiz questions to "Automatically Decide." Storyline will know how to handle them when the user returns to the quiz.