Quiz Timer with Question Bank Randomized?

May 23, 2023

I am looking to create a timed quiz, but using the Question Bank to randomize the order. I haven't been able to find any updated info on this. Please advise!


Storyline file attached!

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Eric Santos

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for sharing the Storyline file! It seems you're on track with the quiz timer, as shown when I previewed the project.

Quiz timer

You've also set up the randomized question draw correctly. You just have to add more question slides to the Question bank for the randomization to take effect.

Randomize questions

Let me know if you're running into any issues, and I'll be more than happy to assist further.

Kelly Kreps

I am trying to simulate a test environment that allows for bookmarking questions to revisit later, but also have the questions randomized. I created the entire test without using the question bank so that I could create a bookmark situation with a whole bunch of triggers, including one that will take them from the bookmarks page to the question slide that the test taker bookmarks. But because I want the questions to be randomized each time the learner takes the test, I am not able to add in triggers that will take the learner back to the specific question they bookmarked.