Recover Screen Recording?

I did a screen recording, and exited out of it successfully, then renamed the recording. I pressed the insert button to place it into my project, but then changed my mind because it was taking a long time to insert and I needed to do another recording while my SME was available. So I hit Cancel. Now, the recording is nowhere to be found in the list of available screen recordings. Is there a way to recover this recording? And is there a way to save recordings without inserting them immediately? If the answer to both of these is "no", perhaps that's something the development team should address.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tamika -- Thanks for your question and so sorry to hear of your troubles! 

Unfortunately, I don't believe you'll be able to recover the screen recording. You could look in the "Record Screen" drop down within Storyline to see if it's still accessible there, or perhaps someone in the community can share a workaround they may have discovered to assist you further. Otherwise, it may be necessary to re-record as described here

And if you would like to submit a feature request for functionality you would like to see made available in the future, here is the form you would need to connect with our Product team. :)

Tamika Base

Hi Chrstie, 

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately the recording does not appear in the "Record Screen" drop down area, and your response is confirming what I was dreading! I was hoping it was cached somewhere that was possibly retrievable. If anyone has any ideas on how to retrieve the recordings if they exist somewhere in eLearning Limbo, please let me know!

I'll submit a feature request as you suggest, because I think that you should be able to save the recordings from that screen without inserting them into the project, or at the very least have a pop-up alert warning you that you will lose your recording completely if you cancel without doing so.