remove lightbox X

Oct 01, 2020

can you remove the X in the upper corner of the slide? I would like to add my own button to close the lightbox. 


Also, can you add a trigger to toggle the CC off and on when in lightbox mode? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Katelin,

You can add your own button to close a lightbox, but you can't remove the default X button. 

  • You could use layers instead, and set them up so they look like lightboxes. However, those wouldn't cover the entire Player like a lightbox does, so any player-level items would still be accessible.

Yes, you can turn CC off and on in lightbox mode. Just create your own button with a trigger to toggle the caption variable: 

Judy Nollet

Yes, you're not the only one who'd like the option to remove the default close-lightbox X. That's why some folks use a layer that looks like a lightbox.

Another option to to jump to a slide (not lightboxed) that doesn't show the usual Player features. On a given slide, you can't turn off the Title in the Player (if you have one), but you can hide the Prev and Next buttons, the Menu, etc. Of course, that slide wouldn't have the other slide "underneath" it like a lightbox would. But you would have more control about what the user has to do before they can "close" the slide and return to the starting point.

Kaono Lindsey

My way around this was taking a screen shot of the base page, cropping the image and using that as the background for my layers meant to be lightboxes. Within that layer you can insert a rectangle shape acting like the lightbox screen. Then within that inserted box, you can go to town on what you wish the lightbox to do. Now you can put your own triggers to replace that X.

Alexander Covan

I had the same issue with the javascript still showing the X momentarily. 

Where is this script being triggered from to avoid this?

I have tried:

  • Triggered on lightbox slide on start (flashes X - not acceptable)
  • Triggering from lightbox open button on main slide (doesn't work)
  • Triggering on Start of first slide in project (doesn't work)

I am using this to present multiple "document slides" in a lightbox style within a project. 

  • Each "lightbox" needs to be launched from multiple slides as players can refer to these "documents" at any time as the scenario advances.
  • I considered putting all the "document" layers on a master slide but thought that might build up a lot of extra layers in the project and it would be better to use a lightbox
  • Trying the actual lightbox approach ... but want to restrict closing the lightbox until they have scrolled down the document revealing a "close document" button.