Remove play button for mobile deployment

We are working on a project where we want to deliver mobile learning content developed in Storyline 3 through our mobile app. We are currently doing this by loading the Scorm files from moodle and displaying these in a webframe within our app. Unfortunalety, when viewed on mobile, Storyline triggers a  play button that we can't disable, and that is ugly and breaks the flow.

I'v already read that this is 'expected behaviour' of Storyline due to autoplay limitations on certain browsers. However, the play button is not acceptable to us, so we are looking for a solution (through javascript or output editing) to remove the play button or autoclick without the user noticing.

Does anybody have a (current) solution for this?

Solutions I've found on this community seem to be outdated or not possible with Storyline 3. Most refer to files that are not present in our SCORM output.

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