Requiring Markers to Complete before advancing

Aug 27, 2013

I am trying to require the user to complete the audio file that plays when they click on a marker.  There are multiple markers on the page and I want the user to complete them all before advancing to the next slide. The audio is attached to the marker.  I have tried changing the state to visited "when content closing" but the text box does not automatically close.  I have the slide set up so that the user can see the next button but a layer pops up telling them they need to complete all interactive elements if the markers are "normal".  Once both markers state is visited, I have a trigger that says the next button advances to the next slide.

Is there a better way to go about this?  At one point I tried using variables but it just got too confusing.  Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you,


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Tiffany Kallio

I feel the first question was completely missed since I have the same question.

However, I am in Storyline 360.
How can we ensure the marker audio completes before it is marked "visited"?

My current workaround is using pictures (sometimes with hotspots if I use an icon) instead of markers on the Base slide; and link them to layers instead. On the base slide, I set a Pause trigger once the markers appear.
On the layer, I place a non-clickable/triggered hotspot (or filled (100% transparency) shape w/out an outline so it's invisible) at the "front" of the slide (top object in the timeline) as a "Click blocker" over the marker (and any other markers - I need still the base slide to be clickable, so that property option for the layer is unchecked); timing the hotspot to end when the audio completes and allow the user to "close the content" and mark the marker as "Visited".

So my question still stands. Is there a way to require the marker audio completes before it's marked as "Visited" in Storyline 360? If not, then see my product suggestion below.

Product suggestion: Add trigger: "when media completes on marker x"

Joe Tansengco

Hi Tiffany, 

I can certainly see the challenge that your requirement poses because of the fact that the marker audio is not visible in the timeline. One small change that you can make to achieve a similar effect is to move your audio out of the marker, and then use triggers to control the change state of the marker. Here's something you can try: 

  • Have your audio files outside of a marker to make them visible in the timeline
  • Add a trigger to play the audio when the marker is clicked on
  • Add a trigger to change the state of the marker when the audio completes

I've attached a demo file for your reference. In the sample file, the marker will only change state if the learner chooses to listen to the audio file in its entirety, effectively making the listening of the audio file a requirement.

Hope this helps!