Reset question slide, only if answer is wrong

I have a production with video slides and a question slide after each video.

The learner should be able to navigate forward and backwards. 

If the learner gives the wrong answer they can click the back-button to see the video again and when the go forward to the same question again. The question slide is then back to its initial state.

But if if the learner gives the correct answer, but still go back to the video, I don't want the question slide to keep the correct answer and not go back to its initial state. How can that be done?

It would have been easy if "Reset to initial state" was a trigger or variable.

So, how can I reset a question slide, only when the answer is wrong?

In the attached file "Reset to initial state" are activated on the question slides.

I hope someone has a solution.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Dan!

I am happy to help! Thank you for sharing your file! I see that you have a Restart button on the Results Slide. Instead, I'd recommend adding a Retry button so that you can control the behavior for questions answered incorrectly.

You can use the setting Reset Only Incorrect Questions on the Retry trigger. You can read more about that here.