Resizing images before OR after insertion into Storyline 360 is blurry

Apr 07, 2021

Hi. I take a screenshot of a portion of the document (I use snagit). If I save that image just as it was taken (using the default 144 dpi in snagit) and insert it into Storyline, it looks great. But it's too large. Whether I resize in Storyline or I resize in SnagIt, it shows up blurry in Storyline. I need to resize the image and I'm just stuck. Any thoughts? 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Beth.

Thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear screenshots from SnagIt are coming through blurry when inserted into Storyline.

Check out this article for the best practices when working with images:

You can also check out other discussions that are specific to using SnagIt with Storyline. Here is one example and another one here

Let me know if this helps!