Resource Tab Description Text Missing

Apr 11, 2023


I'm being asked to insert a description for the resource in SL, but the text is not appearing in Review or Preview. I found an old thread that also had this issue, but since updates to SL, adjusting the settings in "Colors and Effects" isn't an option as there is no option for "Show advanced color editing". 

Here is a screenshot in Review (missing description):Review

Here is a screenshot in Preview (missing description):

Here is a screenshot of Player Settings:
Player Settings

Any ideas on how to get the description to show?

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John Morgan

Hi Kate,

Great question! I understand that you would like to know how to display resource descriptions. I'd be happy to get you some information on that! Displaying the resource description is only an option in the classic player. To utilize that feature you will have to switch from the modern player to the classic player.

I hope this helps! If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to ask!