Resource URL works in TEST, but not in Review 360 and not in upload to LMS

Sep 20, 2023


I am adding a resource link in Storyline 360. The link URL includes a domain, login, and token arguments to log into an application. The link works when I TEST it from the Edit Resource (player) window, but the link does not work in Review 360. In Review 360, it looks like "%27" is added at the end of token string. The token should end with 3d. This may or may not be causing the problem. 

I've included an image from hovering over the link on the Resources menu here, in case it helps. Sensitive information is blocked out.Resource Link

The link does not work when I preview the uploaded SCORM zip file to our LMS. 

Thank you for any help to resolve this. 

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Cathy, 

Happy to help! I'd like to ask a few questions to clarify your experience. 

  • Does the "%27" character get added regardless of which text or URL you add? 
  • What happens when you replace the entire link with something that doesn't have the additional strings, like ''?
  • If you switch the positions of the login and token strings, is the result still the same? 

Looking forward to your response!