Resume Base Layer's Timeline From Another Layer?

Hey everybody, I was wondering if it was possible to resume the base layer's timeline from another layer without using any variable?

Basically, I would like to accomplish the behavior of a lightbox (but I don't want a light box): you click a button. Something appears. It pauses the timeline. You close the thing and the timeline resume itself.

I was not able to accomplish that with the trigger alone but maybe I'm missing something.

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Gerry Pedraza

Thanks for the reply.
I just put everything in the main layer and it works. I was just trying to be creative with layer use and have a better arrangement of elements in the canvas.

I just don’t like how you have to manually hide elements from the timeline even if your intent is to make them disappear. Like, let’s say, when designing I add a rectangle that covers up the whole screen and then it disappears at second 5. If you put the playhead in the timeline at second 6, the rectangle will still be there even if it is supposed to disappear at second 5 so it is not a real representation of what will be on the screen at that time. It works when you preview it, but when you are designing the canvas can get very saturated if you use several elements.

I have another question now but I guess I need to open another discussion because it’s not related.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hiya, Gerry! 

Stifling your creativity is never a good thing, so don't hesitate to share that file or another with us if you run into the issue again! We're here to help and our Support Team is available 24/7 to answer questions. 

The playhead location and ability to scrub the timeline is something our team is looking at as a feature enhancement so I've added your comments to our internal tracking of this feature. We'll keep you posted here once there is more to share!