Resume state to restart Slide/Scene When click retry button

Hi All,

I have worked on a game-based learning project.

I want to reset my Resume state slide/ scene when I click on "Retry" button. But, I don't want to reset the remaining slides or scenes in the story file.

I have 4 scenes each scene has timer, when Timer is up we have button for "Retry". When I click Retry button then only want to restart one single scene along variables reset to Default Value.

I'm happy to hear your suggestions.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lucifier, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create.

Without seeing your course, it's hard to understand fully, but I'm happy to share some initial thoughts and ideas.

If each of your scenes uses different variables, you should easily be able to achieve your goals. The retry button that you've added can have triggers to reset all variables in the scene and jump back to the first slide in the scene (be sure this one is last so that the variables have a chance to reset).

You are welcome to share your .story file here in your reply so that others in the community can take a look and help with the design.

Lori Merriam

Try this. (someone else taught me this years ago)

Put in a blank slide.

go back to your designed slide and: 

insert a button for the user to click to reset.

Set the slide properties for When Revisiting to "reset to initial state upon revisit"

Have the action on the button jump to the blank slide.


On the blank slide have a trigger set to jump to the other slide when timeline starts.

So, now when they hit the "reset" button it will jump to the blank slide and then immediately jump to the first slide (the users won't see this) and it will look like the slide just reset.