Retry quiz questions scattered in scenes

Dec 06, 2022

Hello, I have been using Storyline 360 for about a year. I have developed a safety course with multiple scenes which include some graded questions towards the end of each scene, some have 1 question, others have 2 questions. In total there are 8 graded questions I am trying to link up to a results slide which is in a scene that can only be accessed when all the content has been completed and quiz questions answered. This is accessed through the menu via a continue button which is disabled until all content is completed. At the end of each scene it takes you back to the menu. I have tried searching for how to link up the retry for the quiz questions. The videos I have watched show quite linear courses and don't give me what I need exactly. I have set up the true/false variable that was shared in the below discussion and added triggers to the menu to jump to the questions if that variable is true, however if I add more triggers from the same menu slide to jump to the other quiz questions when i go to retry it gets stuck on the first question correct layer, it select continue and it keeps popping up and not going to the next question. What am I doing wrong? I have selected hide layer. I want it to jump to the next questions and show them all. I've attached a story view image of my course to give you an idea of the layout and size of the course. Thank you Sally

Retry Quiz if quiz questions are scattered across scenes - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes

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Judy Nollet
Sally Clay

Thanks for your reply Judy, I have tried to follow the instructions however it doesn't include enough explanation of how the variables for retry, standard etc have been set up in the first place and I cannot get it to do what it instructs me to do. Are you able to show me the text variables you created in the table please? Is it just one variable or three different variables? Thank you

Judy Nollet

I only used one text variable, which I called "QuizPath." 

  • Its default value is "standard" -- which is used when the user needs to view the content between the question slides.
  • The value is adjusted to "review" by a trigger on the Review Quiz button. That value indicates that the user needs to skip the content slides. 
  • The value is adjusted to "retry" by a trigger on the Retry Quiz button. That value indicates that the user has to answer the questions again, but that they will skip the content slides (because they've already seen the content). 
  • What happens on the question slides and where the Next button goes is determined by the value of the "QuizPath" variable. 
  • Keep in mind that the special triggers are only needed on the last question in each set (that is, any question that comes right before a content slide). 
  • Additional instructions are in the post. I suggest you have that handy while you look at the demo and at your file. 

For more info: 

Sally Clay

Thank you, I cannot work out how to add more than one text response to a variable in the table, nor can i find instruction that shows me this, it's all very high level in the articles and doesn't show me it step by step.

I've created the text variable with standard as the Default value, how do i add 'retry' to the same text variable? Or does the trigger do this? I am so confused.

Also the review questions already works as it only shows the questions I selected it to grade, I just need the retry to only show the questions and not the content in between. Sorry if i am missing something obvious here

Judy Nollet

You use triggers to change the default value of a variable. The demo file has those triggers, which are also shown in the TIP post I linked to. 

If the review-questions function is working for you, then don't worry about that part of the programming. (My TIP post was written >2 years ago. Some functionality may have changed due to upgrades since then.) 

If all of my instructions still don't make sense,  I suggest you look for some Articulate tutorials on variables and conditions. In addition to the User Guide articles (linked above), there may be some recorded webinars/tutorials that could give you a better understanding.

Luciana Piazza
Sally Clay

Thank you both, examples on YT and Articulate show linear courses whereas mine has 8 scenes with quiz questions at the end of each section where you return back to a menu. I couldn't find an example that showed the same as this to copy and ended up agreeing with the SME not to include a results slide to avoid the pain of not being able to resolve the issue i was having and instead allow limitless retries of the questions. Not ideal. Think i need a mentor lol.