Reusing - copy/paste or duplicate- Quiz Results pages

Is it possible to copy/paste or duplicate Quiz results slides from one scene into another, and then have the trigger variables update to the corresponding quiz (question bank) in the new scene?

My quiz results slide has 21 triggers with some complex variables statements. This post test results page trigger variables is what I would like to have updated automatically. ($ave development time). 

When I copy/paste or duplicate the post test results slide from an earlier scene and paste into a new scene, I get duplicate usage of the variables. The older scene ends up not working.

If I have to add a new results page, these quiz trigger variables take about 60 minutes to update and test out.

I am creating my Quiz Draw slide in the new scene 1st, then adding the copy/pasted or duplicated quiz results page onto the new scene.

I tried adding new quiz variables as luck.

I've read a number of previous posts in this community regarding this topic.

Any insights? or process suggestions? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Dave,

Unfortunately, you do have to insert a new Results slide so Storyline can add its built-in scoring variables.

I think the best you can do is copy the triggers from the initial Results slide, paste them in each new Results slide, and then edit them as needed to refer to the proper variables. Fortunately, SL360 does let you copy multiple triggers at the same time, so that'll save a bit of work.