Review Quiz, flash of submit button

Morning, I just updated storyline from Tuesday's upgrade, and I have this odd thing happening.  Fail the quiz, I give the correct answers by each quiz slide, click Review, and on each next button click you see the submit button flash briefly. Never had this occur before.

 I am attaching the source file in case I did something wrong.  But I had issues with this review section trying to show the correct answers for scenario 7 if they got it wrong, and I couldn't get it to show the right answers so I kind of stopped looking at it for now, as I got the rest of it working correctly, but now I am getting this submit button flash...

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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Teresa!

Thank you for sharing your source file, and I'm sorry you're experiencing those hiccups! 

I also see the 'Submit' button appear for a split-second when navigating through the quiz in review mode when testing your course. This behavior is a bug, where I shared this discussion in its report so we can notify you of any new developments!

In the meantime, I'm going to share your file with our Engineers regarding the second problem and to see if we can find project-specific workarounds. You'll get an email from the team shortly, and I'll follow along!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Theresa!

I see that you're working with one of our Support Engineers, Ronaziel! I'll be on the lookout for how the case progresses.

You'll be notified if there are any edits made to the response so that's probably the reason you received additional emails! Not to worry, most of the time those edits are on our end. :)