Rounded rectangle caption shapes - corner radius

Oct 04, 2016

Hi all,

Client has asked us to change rectangle caption shapes to rounded corner rectangles.

When I do this, either by using the Format>Change Shape feature, or by creating a new caption shape... I CANNOT ADJUST the CORNER RADIUS of the captions (callouts).

The strange thing is, if my associate does the same thing - his corner radius is TOO BIG.

When I do this, my corner radius is TOO SMALL.

We'd like to make the corner radius JUST RIGHT.

I hope you can appreciate the Goldilocks nature of our problem.

How can we adjust this default corner radius on rounded rectangle caption shapes? Something must affect this setting because of the difference in default between myself and my associate.

Try replicating yourself - can you adjust rounded corner radius on rounded rectangle caption shapes? If not - what size are yours?

Please help before the 3 bears get home and eat me.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brandon,

I don't see any changes to this setup yet, and although it's been around forawhile it doesn't look to have been a common request.  Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

We're always still listening to the feedback, and if you had additional specifics to share on how this would help your design, can you take a moment to log a feature request?

Regina Falstaff


This issue was doing my head in so I started to play with it. I have been able to get a reasonably reliable way to set the curve of the text boxes (not tried on captions though). My text boxes were to appear on multiple layers and slides at the same position so consistency was very much needed. 

  • Go to grid and guides and UNCHECK the boxes at Snapping i.e. switch off both snap to options, this lets you have more control over the placement of the guides.
  • Set the guide at the point where you want the yellow curve control icon to sit.
  • I was able to click the yellow icon and then the guideline and it would move to sit at the right point.
    • Sometimes it seemed to work on a double click.
    • If it isn't either of those then it was looking for something to align with either way I was able to get a consistent curve shape across many, many text boxes.

Hope this works for you. 


PS: You have to be zoomed in super close!!

Diarmaid Collins

It's hard to believe that this isn't a common feature request. It's kind of a basic feature of pretty much any drawing/shape-creating programme out there.

And, even if Articulate think it is not a common feature request, maybe it would be a great idea to offer it as a feature anyway, because, like, uh... it's kind of a basic feature of pretty much any drawing/shape-creating programme out there.

One would think that if the software offers rounded boxes as shapes and/or text boxes that the ability to fine-tune (or even, you know, standardise) the curve would be a given.

And, as we are on the subject, the ability to specify any corner to be rounded or snipped would be awesome. Instead of relying on inverting, flipping or rotating shapes to get the desired result.

And the ability to specify the XY of any corner of a shape would be just breathtaking to have as a feature, instead of the default top-left (or centre point). Just to aid in pinpoint accuracy for layouts, etc.

I know the screengrab here is from Adobe Illustrator which is obviously the grand-daddy of illustrating tools but this is pretty much standard in any vector drawing programme now.

Maybe most users of Storyline don't come from a design or illustrating background but that doesn't mean these 'features' are a luxury that we don't need. Anything that helps build developers achieve consistent results should be automagically priority for Articulate. 

Seeing rounded shapes vary wildly from slide to slide within a module because they were stretched or the text auto fits, is kind of distracting to the user, whether consciously or not.

The more seamless a design the smoother the learning experience.

Katie Riggio

Hi Diarmaid!

I love your zeal for this feature and appreciate the valuable context you outlined. Thanks for taking the time to send in a Feature Request, too!

We are tracking requests to lock and set the corner radius and will take all of this into consideration as we prioritize and plan for future enhancements. Though this one isn't on the immediate roadmap, I'll keep documenting the impact and update you if we make a change that helps.

As always, thank you for contributing!

Alicia Tayebi

Thanks for the tips, Regina! This is super helpful. 

One more vote to get better precision control over rounded corners over here! Even if the ability to set the radius isn't coming, perhaps the ability to select multiple items and globally edit the corner radius using the yellow square? That would be an improvement at least...