Screen reader overlapping course audio

Jan 26, 2022

Hi everyone,

Someone on my team has built a course with audio on every slide that starts immediately. Unfortunately this was built without screen readers in mind.  We have tried delaying the start of the timeline until a button is pressed, but the screen reader and narration still overlap for a few seconds.  We are hoping there is a solution that doesn't require us to modify each slide individually.  If we set up a question at the beginning of the course to identify screen reader users, is there a way to set up a trigger/button/javascript so that those learners won’t have the audio overlapping on every slide?  

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Marie-Claude Gagnon

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your response.  It seems that the overlapping audio only happens when we use JAWS, it sounds fine with NVDA.  So we must have JAWS set up incorrectly. Just in case you're curious I've attached audio files from each screen reader. 

I guess it's back to reading the JAWS manual to figure out how to configure it properly!